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When was the last time you thought about lead paint? Exactly! Thankfully we here at Phoenix House Painting have been doing the thinking for you. Our application to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for conducting Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Activities was recently approved! We couldn’t be more pleased and now we want to let you know a bit about lead paints and what we can do to help you!

To protect families from exposure to lead in paint, public’s exposure to lead hazards, the U.S. dust and soil, Congress passed the Residential Environmental Protection Agency is issuing new Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, regulations to protect the public from the also known as Title X. About three-quarters of hazards of improperly conducted lead-based the nation’s housing stock built before 1978.

This means if you bought a house or office space that was built before 1978 there is a chance that it might have lead based paint. This poses some really serious threats to you and your family. Especially if you have children. Exposure to lead paint can lead to a slight loss in IQ points. The longer the exposure or even worse if your child consumes lead paint chips (They are very sweet to children so that’s why some children can really get sick. It’s not just children either, exposure in adults can led to a higher blood pressure, joint and muscle aches and even sleep problems.

With all of these things in mind it’s a good idea to not only get yourself checked out but also your children with a simple blood test which can be ordered by your child’s doctor. People also think that they can use a cheap at home method of spot testing to see if they have lead Evaluations must be performed by EPA certified and state licensed lead inspectors and risk assessors. Which Phoenix House Painting is more than willing to do for you!

Phoenix House Painting Talks About House Painting Tips!



Now calling out a professional like Phoenix House Painting is your best bet if you want hands down the best quality services at a price you can afford.  Sometimes people really want to do things themselves though which is totally commendable. So why not give them the top tips that we can instead of insisting that they use our services. We here at Phoenix House Painting are dedicated to not only doing a great job for our clients but also providing the education that our public finds useful and dependable just like our service!


So let’s get started on our top picks for tips on painting your home!


  • Pick Your Color Wisely – Everyone is going to have different tastes in color and style and even the texture their walls are going to be after they are finished. The best way that you can pick the right color is to understand the lighting in the rooms that you are picking.  If you have good natural lighting you can get away with darker deeper shades and if you have to use lamps or UN-natural lighting then you will want to go with a lighter color.  Remember though they are your walls and you can pick any color you want to.
  • Picking the right Brushes – Knowing what kinds of brushes you will need will make light of the work ahead. You’ve got foam brushes which are very good for intricate work but are really only one time use.  You’ve got man made bristle brushes which are best suited for acrylic or water based latex paint.  You’ve got your polyester brushes which gives you hands down the best coverage.  Then you get into your rollers and sprayers which cover beautifully and in large areas for rooms which are extra big.
  • Wall Prep is the KEY to good painting – When you prep your walls right you won’t have to do too many coats of paint which means that you will actually be able to do a good job the first time. Now you will want to do things like scrape off old paint, fill in cracks with sealant and make sure you protect all of your wall trim and things with tape.
  • How Much Paint Do You Really Need? – This is another important question that you should be asking yourself because if you wind up with not enough trying to match a very specific color could be very hard or if you wind up with too much paint you’ve over spent and where do you store it when you’re finished? If you’ve primed your walls you will need less paint than if you didn’t.  Take proper measurements of the room and this will help to ensure that you get the right amount of paint for your specific job.


With these handy tips from Phoenix House Painting you should be able to do any painting job in your own home the professional way.  If you find that a job is just too big or over your head though feel free to come over to and get your free in home estimate and talk to a professional who will help you through every single step of the way.

Phoenix House Painting Talks About Painting The Outside Of Your Home!



Living in the valley of the sun means that we have some amazing sunsets, we have amazing neighbors and we also have amazing blinding heat during the summer that’s hot enough to cook the cheap paint you used on the outside of your home right off.  There is an industry standard that homeowners should paint the outside of their home every 5 – 7 years.  At Phoenix House Painting we know that the key to a long lasting beautiful exterior house painting job is the quality of the paint that you use.

No matter if you are doing the painting yourself or if you’ve hired a professional like Phoenix House Painting to do the job for you. You will want to make sure whom ever is doing your painting job is getting 100% acrylic outdoor house paint.  This type of paint survives the two things that Arizona heat and weather really gives which is something called “Chalking” and “Color Fading”.
The nasty Arizona sun which shines more days than it doesn’t really does a number on the exterior of our homes and can cause an inferior paint to chip, crack and peal off and just look older than it’s years which will have you paying for another house painting sooner than you planned.  It’s not as if painting your home is free, it’s going to cost you no matter if you do it yourself or if you hire a company like Phoenix House Painting.
There is also a reason why people do not paint their houses bright colors here in Arizona.  You do not see bright reds, yellows or even greens here in our state and that’s because of the sunlight which just goes through colors like that.  Instead we paint our homes in beautiful desert colors, natural colors which blend in with not only our landscaping but also the surrounding neighborhoods that we live in.  Also these natural colors using beautiful natural minerals also helps to protect our homes from sun damage.
We here at Phoenix House Painting hopes that you found this information useful and we hope that you come back every single week ready to learn something new.  If you are in need of having the exterior of your home painted please feel free to go to our website at and we will give you a comprehensive in home estimate free!

Phoenix House Painting Talks About The Perfect Bedroom Color!



It can be really overwhelming trying to come up with the perfect color so we here at Phoenix House Painting wanted to help our clients pick the right color which comes from a ton of research and also asking people who wanted their rooms painted what they thought would be a good color.  Now, we did a lot of research and put together a top 5 list of the most beautiful colors that seem to be the most popular and also the most classic in bedroom styles.  We hope that you find inspiration and the perfect color from our list so let’s get started!


  1. The Teal Bedroom : Hands down one of the most beautiful colors that are perhaps on the bold side but truly it’s a classic that not many people give enough credit to. Teal can be paired with so many other colors also it can be paired with both dark and light woods as well.  It’s very versatile and really just a very beautiful color.  It can give your bedroom either a modern feeling or an antique feeling depending on the style of furniture and items in the room that you pair with it.
  2. Mossy Green : Green has been long known for it’s gentle and softness which brings a calmness to any room that is painted this color. It’s very sophisticated and can really add a sense of peaceful to your bedroom which is exactly what a bedroom should feel like.  It can be paired with beautiful light wood flooring and really transform your bedroom into an almost spa feel with a single coat of paint!


  1. Dusty Rose : Not everyone is going to enjoy a beautiful dusty rose color but those who have painted their bedrooms in this color even when it’s just a singular accent wall claim that it just makes them feel soothing and soft when they are in that room. It goes perfectly with browns and tans which means that you can have all sorts of mismatched furniture for an almost shabby sheik style and it would work perfectly with this amazing dusty rose color.
  2. Bright Pink – Pink no longer has to be for our little girls anymore.  Anyone who loves to feel bright and happy can paint their bedroom pink and get the same sensation.  It’s also not just for women either.  There are plenty of ways that you can make a bright pink room masculine by just paring it with beautiful furniture because pink really does go with black and dark woods the best.  It’s not just for little girls anymore now you can bring a modern spin to pink which will allow you to have a funky and functional bedroom that you love to come home to.
  3. Dusty Blue : Now this was hands down the most popular color that we came across when asking and doing our online research. This color seems to fit both an east coast cape cod style and also covers the west coast redwood coast as well. It just fits in with every type of style and can be antique and classic and can also be modern and very preppy depending on what you pair with it and how you look at it all together.  It was hands down the most versatile color on the list and will transform your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Phoenix House Painting Talks About Bathroom Colors!



It can be really overwhelming trying to come up with the perfect color for your bathroom so we here at Phoenix House Painting wanted to help our clients pick the right color which comes from a ton of research and also asking people who wanted their bathrooms painted what they thought would be a good color.  Now, we did a lot of research and put together a top 5 list of the most beautiful colors that seem to be the most popular and also the most classic in bathroom styles.  We hope that you find inspiration and the perfect color from our list so let’s get started!


  1. Coffee : All of the research we did named coffee the color for 2015 for bathrooms. It’s such a warm and inviting color and really does brighten up any space.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom this color works on all styles and shapes.  It doesn’t make the room feel smaller than it is and really does just brighten it up even though it’s a darker color. People really love this color and we are going to see a lot of bathrooms this color come next year.
  2. Lavender : Now this might seem like a strange color choice at first but if you really think about it Lavender really brightens up a bathroom. Its a very soothing and gentle color and really is very cool and adds not only brightness but also just cools everything off.  It’s a good choice if you are looking for almost a spa type feeling.  It’s a very romantic color and reminds us of times of old.  A very classic color for any bathroom.
  3. Orange : Orange is an uplifting and rejuvenating color which promotes well being and health. A bathroom showcasing this beautiful color is really a reflection of joy and happiness. It’s a very perky color and is very popular in many European rooms.  Even though some people think orange and they think autumn – It’s time to change the perception of the color.  It’s beautiful, warm and bright and really is a fantastic choice for small or large bathrooms.
  4. Silver/Gray : If you love the modern feeling then picking a silver or gray color for your bathroom is really a smart idea. It really gives you a background for anything modern that you would want to put into your bathroom.  It isn’t drab like most people like to think but instead it’s very clean and tidy looking and just really gives warmth and depth to any size bathroom.  It would work better in a larger bathroom though than a smaller room.
  5. Yellow : Buttery, Warm, Inviting and Blissful are the words that everyone uses when they are asked what they think about the color yellow. It goes with every color including white, black and all sorts of browns.  It works in small and large rooms and really does have an impact.  There are so many shades of yellow to choose from that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Phoenix House Painting Talks About Painting Your Deck!



With our beautiful Arizona weather almost year round people have discovered having a deck in their backyard not only improves the value of their home but it also allows people to enjoy the great outdoors without having to leave their home.  With all this sunshine sometimes your deck can take quite a beating, becoming chalky and dry, brittle and even crack and peal.  Sometimes it gets so bad that the thought of doing it yourself could be too overwhelming and that’s when you call in the professionals from Phoenix House Painting.  They will take care of everything for you and make sure that your deck is party ready in no time.  Now, if you want to do it yourself we’d like to give you some tips which will help make your deck painting experience better!


  • Make Sure The Deck is Clean and Dry – You will want to make sure that you rid your deck of all debris and that means a few days before washing it down and scrubbing it then allowing time for the wood to dry. Use pressure washer, scrub, and use mild detergent to ensure that you’ve gotten everything off the wood.
  • Tidy Up all Nails and Screws – If they are loose or look rusty and not in good shape then just replace them with the next larger size up so that the fit becomes flawless.
  • Fill in all the holes – You will want to make sure that you fill in all the holes and cracks with a very good quality wood filler. Make sure that it’s designed for outdoor use so you get superior quality and it won’t let you down.
  • Calk The Joints – This goes hand in hand with the wood filler, you need to make sure that you use a very good quality polyurethane calk on all the joints so that it looks very natural and beautiful.
  • Prime, Prime, Prime – The better quality prime that you use before you paint means the less coats of paint you will have to use. Make sure that you find yourself the best quality oil based primer that you can afford.  Stick to your budget but try and get the best that you can afford.
  • You’re Ready to Paint – You will want to make sure that you paint the deck itself with a very good quality oil based paint but you can paint things like the handrails with a good acrylic paint if you so choose.

Phoenix House Painting Talks About Specialty Paint Textures!



Have you ever seen a beautiful wall paper that you just couldn’t live without until you looked at the price tag and became totally disappointed?  Well no longer do you have to be a mulch-millionare to have beautifully textured walls by wall paper.  Instead of wall paper you can have specialty paint which is textured to look just like wall papers.  Using some really interesting things like sponges and brushes that you can find around your home you can really make some beautiful textures on your walls that will make it look like you’ve spent a fortune, when really you haven’t.  Phoenix House Painting specializes in texture painting and would love to take care of any job big or small for you but if you would like the pride of doing it yourself we’ve put together some tips just for you that should help you to get started.  We are dedicated to helping all of our clients and the general public become more educated! So let’s get started!


  • To Make Wood Grain – You will want to make sure that you apply the light paint first and then the dark paint, You will have to buy yourself a wood grain tool which looks like a little roller and as you move it across the paints it makes hands down the most beautiful and flawless wood design and you won’t be able to tell that its something other than wood.
  • A Marble Finish – You will want to make sure that you prime your area that you want to have the marble finish. Pick a good latex paint and you will want to use things like sea sponges and cheese cloth to make the right kind of finish and people won’t be able to tell that it’s fake, you will be the envy of all your friends and family.
  • Antique By Distress – Shabby Sheik has always been in style no matter what anyone says. The beautiful antique look for any furniture or wall looks so wonderful.  You distress wood furniture by using wire brushes, sand paper and even things like chains and chisles so you can gouge out bits of wood.  Then you will want to mix the tint and paint colors that you want, then you will cover it in black paint and then take the sandpaper to it all over again.  You will wind up with a beautiful finish.
  • Crackle Finish – Now they have spray paint in kits which offer you a crackle finish which has really made this finish really popular and that’s simply because it’s so easy to do and almost anyone can do it if they can push down the nozzle for spray paint. They also make a brush on type of crackle paint as well which works just as well and offers you a bit more control of how and where it goes on.  Depending on where and what you want to crackle you can decide which is best for you.

Phoenix House Painting!

Making sure that you have all the options on the table in front of you is the best way that you can make a decision about paint inside of your home.  If you aren’t’ abreast of all the latest styles, colors and even texturing process how can you get exactly what you want?  It can seem a bit overwhelming but Phoenix House Painting really takes the guesswork out of this whole process.  With their free in home estimate given by a professional painter you can be sure as the client that they can help not only with color choice but also with all of the texturing and styles that are popular right now.  They pride themselves on being the best and that means helping you every single step of the way.  There is no corner that they cut because that would compromise their dedication to their clients.  They use only the top of the line products and that’s because the best lasts the longest and doing the job right the very first time is important to Phoenix House Painting.

Some of the best ideas and most popular styles today are doing things like chalkboard paints in a child’s room or in a space in the kitchen so that you can write down notes for the family or so that your child can play and enjoy their space without getting into any trouble.  Having a textured wall perfectly put in your living area which will be in contrast to the rest of the room.  There are limitless possibilities that you can have in your home that really reflect how you feel and how you want others to respond to your surroundings.  Phoenix House Painting really has gone out of their way to build a company that respects your wishes as the client by helping with every single step of the painting process.  There isn’t a better option in the Valley, They are affordable, do quick work, they don’t cut corners and they are really there for you to make you happy.  Go to today and get your free in home estimate