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When is the best time to paint?

There is a best time to paint but it depends on what you are doing. This can be broken down between interiors and exteriors.

For exteriors the best time to paint is when the weather is warm and rain is not in site. Problems can occur if the weather is bad.

For interiors there are no restrictions

Why do painters wear white?

It’s traditional and stems from a time when 95% of painting was in white! So they wore white so the paint did not show up as much as if they wore blue denim! If you look at old pictures the houses are all white! White and Red were the cheapest and easiest colors to produce in those days! Thus, the houses were painted white and barns were traditionally red. You could paint your house red if you wanted everybody to think it was a house of ill repute!
But that was a while ago, I guess the tradition just held!

Will my furniture be protected while you paint?

Your furniture will be absolutely protected by either being wrapped in plastic or removed from the space we are painting all together. Once we are finished painting and it’s dry we will move all of your furniture back to where it was before.

How do I get ready for painters to come into my home?

There is absolutely nothing that you need to do to get ready for our staff of painters. They are neat, tidy and professional and they will move, wrap, tape and mask off everything so that you do not have to lift a single finger while they are working. Once they are finished working they will put everything back to normal for you.

Why is it so hard to pick a wall color?

Most of the time it’s so hard to pick the right color for our walls simply because at one point during the day our walls look one way and at another time it looks totally different. Lighting is really the key to beautiful wall color so knowing how lighting effects your walls and the colors that you love is really important. That’s why our courteous staff will help you pick the right color for you and your space.

How often should we paint the outside of our home?

That depends on the quality of the paint that was used when you had your house painted last. Usually the rule of thumb in the Valley of the Sun you should have to repaint the exterior of your home around every 4 – 7 years. Depending on the quality of paint, the amount of direct sunlight, sprinkler systems and foliage will depend how often you should paint the outside of your home. All homes are different so call for your free in home estimate today!